Session 1: NCC

  Biosecurity for poultry farms by Deryn Petty. [pdf. download].

  Growing your free range operation by Felicity von Moos. [pdf. download].

  Feeding reccomendations of the modern laying hen by Franscois Crots. [pdf. download].

  A perspective on current water use issues by J Meyer [pdf. download].

  7 day weight as the foundation of broiler flock efficiency by Pieter Oosthuysen [pdf. download].

  The layer breeding business for South African Poultry Association by Serve Hermans [pdf. download].

  Vaccination the cheapest way to profits by Stefan Swanepoel [pdf. download].

Session 2: Senate 1

  Ostrich industry's experience: Zoning vs Compartmentalization by Adriaan Olivier [pdf. download].

  AI vaccination for South Africa by Dionne Rauff [pdf. download].

  AMR the national action plan by Mouritz van Vuuren [pdf. download].

  Field Report on Inclusion Body Hepatitis over a 4 year period by Obed Lukhele. [pdf. download].

  Scott-Elliot-Salmonella-gallinarum. [pdf. download].

Session 3: Senate 2

  Independent meat inspection in South Africa by Dr Mphane Molefe [pdf. download].

  Antibiotic free feed program by Nicole Teuchert [pdf. download].

  Innovative financial instruments BY Rian Coetzee [pdf. download].

  Competitiveness of SA Broiler production BY Tracy Davids [pdf. download].

  Bringing small producers into the main supply chain by Tumi Mokwene [pdf. download].