As an independent division of the South African Poultry Association, the Chick Producers' Organisation maintains a national organisation in South Africa for the promotion and development of the poultry-breeding and chick-production section of the poultry industry. The purpose of the organisation is to foster, promote and improve the general welfare of those engaged in this section of the poultry industry, by providing a vehicle through which group action may be taken on matters of common concern.

It promotes and advances all matters pertaining to the improvement of the poultry-breeding and chicken-producing industry in South Africa by:

  • securing profitable poultry breeding and providing adequate supplies of poultry products;
  • promoting the breeding of poultry and commercial chicken production;
  • encouraging and assisting in the production of chickens of high quality, bred from parents selected for type, stamina and health qualities and for high egg production and/or meat qualities;
  • protecting the poultry-breeding and chicken-producing industry from adverse legislation and any other aggression by initiating, fostering and assisting in obtaining legislation and regulations
  • beneficial to the poultry breeding and allied industries;
  • encouraging poultry education and training;
  • dealing with any matter that may be in the interest of the poultry-breeding and chicken-production industries, the organisation and its members;
  • submitting individual data to the SAPA office for establishing a suitable statistical system to further the aims of SAPA.