Chicken Dumping

How chicken dumping decimated Ghana’s poultry industry. Watch video to find out more

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Listeriosis Notification

What is Listeriosis, how does it affect the Poultry Industry? Read the article to find out more

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Egg Levy Confirmation

Request for the establishment of statutory measures relating to levies.

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SAPA Statement

Statement on the Economic stimulus and recovery plan on the Agricultural sector...

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Our Vision:

To create a viable and sustainable industry contributing to economic growth and development, employment and food security, based on successful producers adhering to environmental and ethical production norms and generating sustainable profits.

Our mission:

To create an enabling environment to achieve sustainable producer profits in the domestic and global village market. As a representative association, the South African Poultry Association (SAPA) serves the interests of the poultry industry in a number of ways. SAPA acts as a medium and catalyst for any matter the industry wishes to collectively address. It acts as the face of the industry, addressing and maintaining a presence in society without which opposing groups could play havoc with the industry's interests - without opposition.