1. 1. Needs to be addressed
  • The shortage of skilled managers/supervisors
  • The shortage of undergraduate students (Universities, Universities of Technology, and Agricultural Colleges)
  • The education and training of existing employees on the different NQF levels.
  • The training of emerging farmers
  • Encouraging school pupils to consider a career in poultry
  1. 2. Strategy
  • That SAPA establish the framework for the training of employees in the poultry industry in conjunction with all the relevant role players.
  • SAPA to facilitate and co-ordinate training
  • Services of accredited local training service providers to be used
  • Collaboration with selected tertiary institutions plus financial assistance to maintain a sustainable source of skilled managers to the industry
  • Implementation of a bursary scheme for selected occupations
  • Recruitment campaign where applicable
  1. 3. Perational
  1. 3.1 Control
  • Establishment of an advisory and monitoring body to:
  • Ensure that training standards are based on the needs of members and meet the requirements of the industry
  • Evaluate the learning material
  1. 3.2. Funding
  • Investigate all possible sources of funding and advise members how to access.
  • Continue with funding application to DAFF for the training of emerging farmers.
  1. 3.3. Action plan
  • Establish needs of members
  • Compilation of Training Work Group
  • Quotations from training providers
  • Evaluation of quotations and learning material
  • Implementation of training programs
  1. 3.4. Proposed requirements for service providers
  • Training service providers should be required to:
  • Design, and develop learning material based on members needs
  • Create work practices to ensure that successful learners have opportunities that enable possible transition into jobs
  • Offer technologically advanced equipment, research, assessment, and moderation services
  • Be acknowledged by employers as reputable
  • Have the ability to simulate workplace scenarios
  • Have poultry specific background and knowledge