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Name Designation E-mail Adress
Mr Kevin Lovell CEO sapa@sapoultry.co.za
Mrs Miems Venter Accountant miems@sapoultry.co.za
Dr Charlotte Nkuna Senior Executive (Egg Organisation and transformation focus) charlotte@sapoultry.co.za
Dr Ziyanda Majokweni PDMA Director ziyanda@sapoultry.co.za
Mrs Malesedi Mokgoatlheng PDMA Co-ordinator (Liason and support for PDMA) malesedi@sapoultry.co.za
Mr Christopher Mason Operations and Sustainability Manager (SAPA company secretarial % training (PPP's) christopher@sapoultry.co.za
Mrs Louisa Nel Administration Services Officer (Reception, meeting coordination, travel arrangements and administration) reception@sapoultry.co.za
Mrs Mavis Jona Office Assistant (Cleaner and Office Support) mavis@sapoultry.co.za
AVI Africa Consultant
Mrs Louisa Nel Events Co-ordinator reception@sapoultry.co.za
International Trade Consultant
Mr Danie Jordaan Policy Advisor sapa@sapoultry.co.za
Mr Francois Dubbleman Trade Actions sapa@sapoultry.co.za
Food Safety Consultant
Position vacant
Statistics Consultant
Dr Shelley Johnston Broiler and Egg Industries Production Statistics and Statistics for SAPA info@sapoultry.co.za
Mr Heiko Koster Feed Ingredient Statistics info@sapoultry.co.za
Miss Cynthia Ncube Silverpath Consulting - Database & Website for SAPA sapaadmin@sapoultry.co.za